Friday, June 9, 2017

Food-Issue Friday: Ballooned

Our recent week-long vacation was bookended by a high-school graduation (night before leaving) and then two weddings in two nights immediately upon returning home. Throw in my wife's birthday after those weddings and what you have is a stretch of us eating out for dinner in 10 of 12 days. Lest we forget mid-day meals, there were seven days of eating out for lunch while in Oregon (then another one a couple of days after returning home). While that equates to a lot of money forked out to many different establishments, I bring this up because of how I felt upon returning to work this past Monday: bloated.

Speaking of things that have ballooned astronomically...

It's an Arod oddball, from the 1997 Denny's set.

After having Upper Deck produce its first five offerings, Denny's 1997 set marked the second year of the set being produced by Pinnacle. Once again, the hologram was incorporated into the design, being used on the back of the card, while the front sported 3-D technology (a first for the Denny's series). One-card packs were available at the restaurant for 59 cents between June 26- September 3, with ten cents from each sale going to children's charities.

If only Denny's were running a similar promotion while we were on vacation. It would have been Denny's every morning, noon and night.

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