Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Happy Anniversary?

I received an email yesterday reminding me of an anniversary I apparently wasn't even aware of. No, it wasn't my wife sending a message, scolding me for a forgotten anniversary; it was from eBay, offering a look at some of the 'milestones we've shared' (their words) and a look ahead to our future together. Sounds like a serious relationship.

To commemorate this union, I'm going to feature 18 cards- one for each year we've been together- each card, recently purchased off the website and arriving in the mail yesterday. Almost like an anniversary gift- to myself. Gifts on an anniversary are a tradition, right?

I've been critical of Fleer in the past, at one point saying the only set worth a damn was 1994 baseball. But upon further review, this offering from 1996 wasn't bad, either. In fact, the more I looked at it, the more I decided I needed to find a team set.

And so purchase a team set was exactly what I did- all 31 cards. But being that it's only our 18th anniversary, the other 13 cards will have to wait to be featured. When and on what occasion... I haven't a clue.

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