Sunday, June 18, 2017

Knocking Back a Few for Father's Day

I had to make a run to the grocery store yesterday. That's something my wife usually does but she and my daughter were helping a couple who are getting ready to open a thrift store, and we were needing a few things for the Father's Day dinner at our house. Yeah, dad gets stuck doing the grocery shopping for his own day. I didn't mind, however, because that gave me an excuse to drive the 1.5 mile or so drive to Target. Do I really have to say why?

I try to always temper those high hopes when a new product is released. For whatever reason, it's usually a week or so after a product is released before our local retail stores have their card aisles stocked. Such is the punishment for living in Idaho.

This time, there would be no disappointment. It's like the cardboard gods were looking out for me, making sure I'd be able to purchase that Father's Day present for myself.

Pack #1

540- Billy Hamilton
660- Jeanmar Gomez
492- Avisail Garcia
466- David Robertson
387- Zack Godley
All-Time All-Stars #ATAS-29 Hank Aaron
642- Renato Nunez
693- Matt Cain
398- Blake Treinen
383- Adam Frazier
530- Jabari Blash
429- Mark Melancon

Pack #2

474- Michael Pineda
616- Mark Trumbo
525- Curtis Granderson
683- Mac Williamson
472- Pittsburgh Pirates
497- Boston Red Sox
Memorable Moments #MM-4 Steve Carlton
Home Run Derby Champs #HRD-3 Cal Ripken, Jr.
Rediscover Topps- 2006 Topps UH296 Cardinals Team Leaders
676- Eric Hosmer
634- Danny Duffy
623- Melvin Upton Jr.
696- Jeff Mathis

Well, that was unusual to get three inserts in a single retail pack- at least, from my experience.

For the third pack, I went with one of those 72-card hanger boxes. I would have preferred a jumbo pack but they did not have any at the time. I'm not going to list every single individual card from the box, but I will note that there was a 3-card run identical to the last three in pack #2 (Duffy, Upton, Mathis). Nice collation, there, Topps.

 I'll just stop complaining there because in the middle of the 7 inserts was this card.

A red flag immediately went up; a base card, with a run of four inserts before and three inserts after it? That can mean only one thing. Checking out Beckett's 'cheat sheet' for SSP Variations confirmed my suspicions. Super Short Print. That'll be going on eBay.

As far as the other inserts, here are the others from the hanger box.

Thank you, cardboard gods, thank you very much! *blows kisses*


  1. Buyback cards do not count toward the card count, I believe. I pulled a buypack card in my pack as well and I still had 12 other cards in there.

    1. I think you're right- I hadn't even thought about it, or counted the number of cards in the pack!

  2. The way cards get collated, if I come across a dupe and ONLY get 2 more, I'm happy. Sigh.