Monday, June 12, 2017

Nautical Nees #3: 2016 Archives '85 #1 Draft Picks

The 2017 MLB draft begins today, with the Twins selecting first. While there doesn't seem to be a consensus #1 overall pick, there is reportedly a list of five players who are locks for the top five picks, Hunter Greene being the only one I've ever heard of (I no longer follow college or high school ball).

You might remember that Topps included an insert set in last year's Archives, paying homage to the 1985 Topps #1 Draft Picks subset. I'm not putting the entire insert set together, but am in need of 1 for my Mariners team set. The card needed is # 85DP-AR of Alex Rodriguez.

Prior to the Mariners taking Alex Rodriguez first overall in '93, the team had the first pick three other times, drafting Al Chambers in 1979, Mike Moore in 1981 and Ken Griffey Jr in 1987. 

So who's the best #1 pick of all-time? Is it Chipper, with his 85 WAR, 1 World Series ring and the 1999 MVP?  Griffey's WAR is just south of Chipper's, at 83.6. The Kid also won an MVP, but didn't get the title. Perhaps a case should be made for Arod, whose 117.2 WAR ranks 16th all-time. He, too, has a ring to go along with 3 MVPs and numerous other awards. Something tells me his admitted steroid use and his reputation of being a prima donna won't garner him many votes.

Needed: 2016 Topps Archives #85DP-AR Alex Rodriguez. 

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  1. Objectively, on the field performance would dictate that you almost have to go with A-Rod. As you stated, it's hard to argue with 117.2 WAR. However, if you bring in the steroid accusations and public opinion, it's got to be Ken Griffey, Jr.