Friday, June 23, 2017

Will Collect Almost Anything

Being a team set collector (or even a player collector) often means buying or trading for items you wouldn't otherwise chase after. We, as collectors, complain about certain products but then play the part of the partisan who complains about the state of politics, yet continues to choose party over country or policy. That's us, admit it.

Some collectors view cards such as this Will Ferrell as 'gimmicks'. Will's ballpark journey was part of an HBO special, done in partnership with MLB to fight cancer. So I don't have a problem with Topps creating a ten-card set. As a side note, Will's stop at HoHoKam for the Mariners game against the A's was the first on a five- stadium tour.

I've always had a soft spot for retro sets, especially those designs from my childhood. And yet I would never even think about collecting logo-less retro sets if it wasn't for being a team set (or player) collector. But I will say, I really do like what Panini did with what they have to work with. Now I just need the Kyle Seager card from this set.

It's awfully tough to hate on cards like this Griffey. Why, the way it's framed, it could very well be a licensed card and you'd never know it. More stuff like this would go a long ways in winning over even the most stubborn collector.

And we will end it today with this Fernando Rodney card. I'm probably in the minority in saying that I don't mind sticker autos, but the off-colors and prison-softball team hat just don't do anything for me. And yet I still purchased it, albeit for 99 cents.

I guess I will buy just about anything.


  1. I've completed several sets I don't care for, just because I am a collector of the subject matter of the set.

  2. Love that Will Ferrell set! I went on a mission to complete that set.

    As a player/team collector, it's nice to grab as many cards for each of these as I can with a couple of things in mind:

    #1: I'm not a completist (except for actual sets). I don't need to have every single Oakland A's card created. It's a bonus if I do.

    #2: I'm on a budget, so I'll grab something if it's cheap. If not, I'm patient.

    In terms of logo less cards and sticker autos, the same rules apply. I've added a handful of sticker autographs over the past year and the key to each of these purchases were price.