Wednesday, June 14, 2017

You Got Me, Donruss

I've been fairly vocal about my dislike of products such as Fleer (and then featured 1999 Fleer in yesterday's post) and the logo-less cards that Donruss has issued. It's pretty easy to be critical when you're a set collector- you just collect what you like. But these sub-par releases can cause consternation to the team set collector.

Having returned to being a team set collector has caused me to question just what should I collect? Are unlicensed products part of the goal? There are certainly no rules as to what a team set, or player collector, has to collect. But there is that part of me that feels like I need to add whatever I can to the binder pages; it's that sense of being a completist, I suppose. This feeling has led me down the path of picking up recent Donruss issues such as the 2017 Dominator and 2016 Disco Ball card.

One thing I have realized through this change in collector status: it was much easier when I was just collecting Topps sets.

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  1. I'm not a big fan of most Panini baseball products. However when it comes to my player collections... I'll add any card. I'm just willing to pay more for cards that are more attractive.