Friday, July 7, 2017

Nautical Needs: 2016 Stadium Club

A recent purchase on Sportlots netted me a few singles that were needed to finish off a couple of team sets. Or, shall I say the base team sets; inserts from both sets are still needed.

I've seen various comments on the internet from collectors who would like to see the return of Topps Total, or an all-Negro League set, or an all-retired players set- all of which are good ideas- but one set I'd like to see would be an "all-fun" set: cards with photos of players blowing bubbles, signing for fans, or any other number of crazy antics. That would be asking too much, however, so we'll just have to settle for the occasional 'fun' card in products like Stadium Club or SP's SSPs out of flagship Topps.

The Ketel Marte card... I pulled the autographed version from one of my two hobby boxes last year, but since that doesn't count towards the base team set, I had to pick this one up.  And with it, my base team set is now complete.

Needs- 2016 Stadium Club
Beam Team #BT07 Robinson Cano

Have any of your own needs from the base set? I have quite a few singles, so let me know what you need and I'll take a look.

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