Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Pack Wars of a Different Kind

The worst thing about getting older has been the mind isn't as sharp as it used to be (not like it was that sharp to begin with). I've recently found myself grasping for a word (oatmeal) that I just couldn't find, made a few different purchases of newer cards that I had just bought like a week earlier, and congratulated myself on today's witty title- only to then realize I had conflated two movies (Star Wars and Close Encounters of the Third Kind, for all you youngsters). At least there was a silver lining to those extra card purchases: they provided trade material for the cards featured on today's post.

Shawn, aka 'Corky', from the blog Pack War recently made contact to inform me he had the card that sat on the top of my most elusive list (although it wasn't necessarily the most wanted) and that it (along with others from the set) was available for trade. It was quite mind-tripping to know that I wasn't alone in possessing some of the 1991 Seattle Mariners Hearth Country set. Singles from oddball sets like these can be very difficult to find and I really appreciated Corky's gesture. The Bankhead card, long lost, made its way back home- reunited with all the other cards in the set. 

Scott Bankhead wasn't the only player that Corky sent to me. He also surprised me with this Topps Now card of two Hall of Famers: Griffey Jr and Tony Gwynn. I wasn't aware that this card had been created in celebration of the All-Star game returning to San Diego last year.

At the height of my collecting days (early-mid 90s), I bought a lot of packs, a lot of boxes, but very rarely took part in pack wars. This was one pack war where both contestants came out on top.

Thanks again, Shawn, for the great trade. And here's to future trades.

"Lights Out"- UFO, featuring the phenomenal Michael Schenker on guitar. 

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  1. Yeah getting older is a beeyatch. Not just the brain turning to what was the word you were looking for? Oatmeal. It is also about the eyes getting worse. Foil letter doesn't help. I have a couple of regular magnifying glasses around my cards that don't help much. I should look into getting one of those jewelers loupes or the stamp collectors type (Sorry couldn't recall how to spell philately correctly)