Thursday, September 28, 2017

75 Reasons to Smile

This past weekend was kind of a tough one, as far as my sports fandom. The Boise State football program showed (once again) that it is in a state of decline, the Mariners were officially eliminated from the Wild Card chase and the Seahawks... well, they went down south and got beat by a solid Titans team, dropping them to 1-2. Add some other ingredients to the pot, and the whole thing put me in a quite a sour mood.

Things were forgotten by Monday evening, when I got home to a package that had arrived in the mail. Actually, my mood changed once I received a notification from eBay that the package had delivered an hour, an hour and a half, before I got home. The anticipation made that last hour of work go by slow, but it was totally worth it once I tore in to it.

The package contained Seventy-Five unique Cortez Kennedy cards (that's 7-5!!) that I paid 18 cents per card for (or, $13.50 for those not wanting to do the math). Of those, only 19 were doubles that I already had. Not a bad way to add to the pc, if you ask me.

While I won't scan every single card, I thought I'd show off a few of my favorites- and even some that I might not like, but can appreciate nonetheless.

I always liked the Action Packed brand (football only- didn't care for their baseball product). I saw something a while back about Panini now having the brand and having released a set or two under the name. Has anyone seen this, in-hand? Is it still embossed? I don't know if I'd have any interest in it if it weren't embossed. That was part of its attraction.

The NFL has only had paid patriotism since around 2009, but prior to that, All-World NFL Trading cards featured the red, white and blue on its lone release (1992). I really don't know anything about this company and what happened to cause it to release only one product. Overall, a nice looking offering.

The nineties featured many brands that I was never fond of, including offerings from SkyBox and Wild Card. I did, however, get caught up in the initial Wild Card craze. Not because I liked it, mind you, but because I was chasing after the 100x or whatever the gimmick was. The SkyBox card on the left (above) is actually a pretty nice looking card. And I later came to like a couple of the SkyBox Impact sets (just not the colorful offering above).

Pinnacle... I always liked the back of this set better than the front of the cards. Would never collect the set (or, at this point, the team set), but I don't mind having a specimen for the collection.

Select was a set that I did enjoy, and I wish that Panini had done something different to make the brand's most recent set more attractive. I'd even take the same amount of gold foil, as long as the cards didn't have that typical 'Panini' look. 

Paul Simon might have sung about '50 Ways to Leave Your Lover', but the late Cortez Kennedy, along with a number of card manufacturers, gave me 75 reasons to smile. Now, it's back to the real world and all the other emotions it evokes.


  1. Cards always make for the perfect pick-me-up, especially when it's such a successful purchase!

  2. Loved Cortez Kennedy! That guy was so much fun to watch. Sad he passed away at such a young age.