Thursday, October 5, 2017

One-Hundred and Fifty Big Ones

If you've ever seen the Steve Martin classic movie The Jerk, you will remember the scene where Martin's character, Navin Johnson, goes to the bank to cash a cashier's check that he believes to be for two-hundred and fifty dollars. As Navin is speaking with the account manager, he keeps referring (quite proudly, I might add) to it being for two-hundred and fifty Big Ones. Two-hundred and fifty dollarinies. Two-hundred and fifty donuts.
It isn't until he goes to endorse the check and fill out the deposit slip that he discovers that the check is for much, much more than he thought. When he realizes this, Navin's eyes get as large as silver dollars and his head spins. (If you haven't seen the movie, the amount was actually two-hundred and fifty THOUSAND dollars) I kind of had my own similar experience yesterday. Well, sort of.

Speaking of Johnson's and jerks... One player whose cards I collect was often viewed by many fans (or perhaps mostly by the media?) as a jerk. I never paid too much attention to the criticism of Randy Johnson, chalking it up more to a guy who just liked his privacy and who was extremely focused & didn't like having that focus interrupted. A recent eBay search for a lot of the Big Unit pulled up a hit that was too good to pass up: 150 different cards of the lefty for $9.90 w/ free shipping. Most lots such as this would include cards of the HOFer's time in Montreal, Arizona, Houston, New York and San Francisco, and I would not be interested. But this one promised cards from his time with the Expos and Mariners- and did I mention 150 different cards?- which is the time period of Johnson's career that I'm most interested in. So I figured I would take a chance on the lot, just hoping that I wouldn't get a bunch of ones I already owned. 

The cards arrived in the mail yesterday in a 200-ct storage box, which cost $7.75 to ship. The poor seller isn't going to net much off this transaction- but that isn't my concern. What I was concerned with were the contents of the box, and I was very pleased- so much so my head very well might have spun three-hundred and sixty degrees. 

Why the reaction? Well, the Unit's time with the Expos and Mariners was during the latter parts of the junk-wax era and the time shortly thereafter- meaning he's featured on lots and lots of junk wax. And while there was some of that stuff in the box, there was also so much more. First off, there were only two cards featuring him in the red, white and blue of Les Expos ('89 Topps, '89 Donruss). And then there were oddballs, inserts and parallels... oh, my!

I haven't checked the cards I received off of my wantlist (which is still a work in progress), but I know just by looking at them that I need probably 130-135 of them.

And if someone is thinking of sending me their Astro, or Yankee, or Diamondback, or Giant Randy Johnson cards, forget it. I don't need them. I don't need any of them.


  1. Man, I would love to get a lot of Johnsons like that.

  2. Nice haul.

    "all I need is this chair.. and this paddle game."

  3. Kenner and SPx and Flair oh my! Nice purchase. My friend and I were talking about why people sell lots so low, because he buys Golden State Warriors lots to flip at craft fairs... and he thinks that sometimes people are willing to break even to help build up their feedback rating. Whatever the reason... it's your gain. Congratulations!

  4. Great buy! Just those 27 are worth your ten spot.

  5. may these cards find their special purpose in your collection.