Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Player's Ink: My Name is Earl (?)

Everyone believes in some form of the law of cause and effect. Some refer to it as karma; others refer to it as reaping what you sow. What comes around, goes around, after all. This universal concept was even the focus of My Name is Earl, a tv sitcom about a petty-criminal who wins a $100,000 lottery, is hit by a car and loses his ticket while celebrating his new found riches. Sitting in a hospital bed while recovering, Earl is introduced to the concept of 'karma' while watching Carson Daly interview Trace Adkins on his television show. Earl decides he needs to right all of the wrongs he has done to others, and makes a list of 259 things he needs to do in order to change his karma.

Earl Hickey might have needed to repent of his thievery and other sins such as breaking his ex-wife's figurine, but Seattle's Earl Thomas has no need to make right his interceptions, forced fumbles and the hard hits he puts on his opponents.

The heart and soul of the Seahawks defense, Earl came up big in this past weekend's game in Los Angeles. His forced fumble of what looked to be a Todd Gurley touchdown and then interception of a Jared Goff were instrumental in Seattle's win.

Thomas is my second-favorite, if not favorite, current Seahawks player (Russell Wilson being the other) and is a player whose autograph I had long wanted. There are plenty of autographed cards on the market and the pricing is all over the map. Earl's signature isn't all that great (it's 'neat', but how do you get "Earl Thomas" from it?) After recently finding one on eBay that fit two criteria (price and desirableness), I put in a maximum bid of $7.11 and won.

Two final things: why I bid $7.11... haven't a clue. Perhaps the name, Earl, brought back thoughts of the television show, which conjured up thoughts of convenience stores. I don't know. Second, I sure wasn't about to go running into the street with my winning 'ticket', lest I get run over by a car. I'll just stick to waving it in the virtual air.

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  1. A. Sweet purchase!
    B. I'm so glad that Earl decided to continue playing. Not sure the Legion of Boom could have survived his retirement.
    C. Loved the show My Name is Earl. Wish they would have decided to keep them on the air.