Saturday, April 24, 2010

50 Year Counterparts, Pt. 2

The single most unsettled position for the Braves the past decade has been, by far, Left Field. The position has been a revolving door, and I can't bring myself to do the research on how many they've actually fielded. Yes, it pains me that much! Or perhaps I'm just lazy-you be the judge.
This offseason's acquisition of Melky Cabrera didn't leave many fans thinking that this would end the cycle, but who would have thought that through the first twelve games of the season, the Braves left fielders would be combining to hit .127 with 0 HRs and 4 RBI?

1961 Topps #296 Wes Covington
The 1961 season saw Wes Covington start the year as the Braves left-fielder, but he didn't finish the season in Milwaukee. Actually, by the time the season ended Covington had played for 4 MLB teams: Milwaukee, Chicago (A.L), Kansas City Athletics, and Philadelphi. What's even more amazing are the dates of his transactions: May 10 waived by Milwaukee, claimed by the ChiSox; June 10 traded by the Sox to Kansas City; July 2 traded to the Phillies. That's 4 teams in less than 3 months! Although he didn't contribute much to the Braves in '61 (he only played 9 games w/ 21 AB), he was a pretty productive player for Milwaukee from '56-60. His best year was in '58, when he hit .330, with 24 HR and 74 RBI in only 294 AB.

What I like about this card: While most Braves cards from the '61 set are pretty plain and boring, this one is my second favorite (Aaron's #415 being "Topps"). I don't recall seeing many photos of guys grabbing their bat(s) out of the racks, which makes this card more unique. I also like the fact that it has a beautiful shot of the Braves logo on the left sleeve of the jersey. Wes has also got some kind of funky pose going on. If he were a modern athlete, he would probably go on the DL for tweaking his back while striking this pose.

2010 Topps Heritage #28 Melky Cabrera
Acquired this offseason in a package that sent Javier Vazquez to the Yanks. One would think that a player who had started for the New York Yankees for four years by the time he was 25 years old would give us something (anything) to be excited about. What the heck happened? No one expected Melky to come in and be be an All-Star, but this is ridiculous! Arodys Vizcaino had better be one heck of a big-league pitcher to justify that deal.

What I like about this card: Hey, at least Melky hadn't made any plate appearances for the Braves when this card was issued! Like the girl no one wants to date, "It's nice and colorful."


  1. Melky will pick it up, but Javier is stinking it up for the Yanks as well

  2. I hope you're right Rick. I think I recall us talking about a Javier for Juan Rivera trade quite a few months ago? Boy, I'm beginning to wish that had happened!