Thursday, April 22, 2010

Package from Cards on Cards

Much to my surprise, I received a package today from fellow Trail Blazer fan Cards on Cards. I had sent some Cardinal cards to Kerry a few weeks ago and he reciprocated by sending me some Bravo stuff.

You can imagine the joy that welled up inside when I found not one, but two cards of my all-time favoritest Brave, Jo-Jo Reyes.

Jo-Jo, knowing his time is short, must be contemplating the deeper things in life, such as "is there really life after baseball?"

Dissipate: To attenuate to or almost to the point of disappearing

Jo-Jo appears to be vanishing in this card, much like his career.

Nothing like the beautiful Allen & Ginter's. I was real happy to find these, as I haven't picked up many of them since getting back into collecting.


Yuneed to get your bat going- soon!

Thanks again to Kerry of Cards on Cards for the delivering the goods!


  1. hey, i want some free cards too or was this a planned out trade?

  2. Sorry, but I don't have any Angel cards; I gave them to my daughter to put in her spokes! I had sent some originally off his "want list" and then some additional ones.