Friday, May 7, 2010

Mile-High Murphy

After perusing White Sox Cards' entry on the 1993 Topps Traded "Cards That Never Were" of Dale Murphy, I was inspired to go digging through my Dale Murphy collection for other cards showing Dale with the Colorado Rockies. Murph was signed as a free-agent by the Rockies after being released by the Phillies at the start of the 1993 season. Twenty-Six games later, Dale’s incredible career came to an end after hitting only .143 in 42 AB- two homers short of 400. While I would love to have the creation of White Sox Cards in my collection, I will settle for the following 1993 cards depicting Murphy in the black and purple:

1993 Upper Deck #706

1993 Fleer Ultra #353

1993 Score Pinnacle “Cooperstown Card” #5 of 30
One of my favorites of Dale (even if it is in a Rockies uniform!) The back of this card sums up Murphy.

I guess at this point in Dale's career, Ken "Hawk" Harrelson had it right: "Good guys wear black."

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