Thursday, May 20, 2010

Walk-Off This Way

Okay, so I stole the title from ESPN's Baseball tonight, but it seems fitting after the Braves won in their last at-bat for the third consecutive day (and the eighth time this season) today.

Now, would Topps PLEASE make a card of Brooks Conrad? The guy is coming up big this year and is looking like a nice alternative at third base right now. I haven't come across any cards of Brook in a Braves uniform-does anyone know of any? Let's hope that he's included in the Topps Update set later this year.

Be sure to check out Conrad at about 1:58- he thought it was caught and gave up on it. Classic!


  1. My wife is a huge Brooks Conrad fan and the only thing I've been able to find for her are minor league cards of him playing for the Gwinette Braves. I too hopes Topps inserts him in Series 2 or any product soon.

  2. I saw those Gwinette sets listed on ebay, looks like a decent card. I may have to grab one of his Bowmans from a previous year. Guys like him rock- he reminds me a little of Keith Lockhart. For some reason the Braves always get the best "gritty" guys like that.