Monday, July 19, 2010

It's Elementary Dear Topps

Since getting back into the hobby about nine months ago, I've really wanted to fall in love with Topps' Allen & Ginter line, but for some reason I didn't want to commit to her. I guess one analogy is that of the single guy who is drawn to the girl who has some pretty nice features, but there's something he just can't get over. Yep, that's been me. Well, after breaking a couple of blasters, I've finally determined what that hang-up has been: the standard sized cards have too much negative space. That's it; pretty simple huh? Case in point, check out the two cards of Mr. Sherlock Holmes. The standard 2 1/2 x 3 1/2" card of Holmes may not be the best to use as an example but it will have to suffice, as it is the only card I have both the standard & mini of. The photo of Holmes on the standard card is longer than the average photo used, but look at the area around the picture and you'll notice it still has a decent amount of space surrounding the photo. Now look at the mini. Allen and Ginter is made to be miniature. The Cabrera and Molina I chose because they are comparable shots & if the Molina was a standard card they would be almost identical in space used. This is the better representation of the product, in my opinion and does a fine job of depicting how the negative space on the standards detract from the subject of the cards. I also believe the cards with the landscape shots substantiate my theory. Although the Reimold card does have its share of negative space, the photo itself has other parts (the crowd & the wall) that help draw the attention to the photo. Same goes for Cano & Ibanez. Of course, mabey I don't like the standards just for the simple fact that I'm a contrarian & like most of the stuff that most others don't care for.

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