Saturday, July 31, 2010

What was recently my favorite Allen & Ginter card has now become one I would rather not look at. For the second time this season, the Braves have had a key player suffer a hand injury due to a head first slide. First it was J-Hey and now Martin Prado looks to be out a minimum of 7-10 days. Is this really happening? Prado's move into the lead-off role jump started the Braves season, and with Philly closing the gap between the two teams, this is the last thing the Bravos need. Infante is more than an adequate fill-in, but it definitely weakens a bench that has been a strength for the team.

Upon learning of the injury to Prado, I was really hoping that Frank Wren would pick up the man whom Prado replaced, Kelly Johnson. With the D-Backs possibly blowing up their team, Johnson without doubt could have been had. After Prado is back in the lineup, Johnson could have been moved to left. Wouldn't that have been ironic if Johnson would have replaced Prado, if only for a week or two?

Don't quite know what to think of Ankiel in center (or right, should Heyward be moved to center). I actually wanted to see them sign him in the off-season, but that was before the Hinske signing & the trade bringing Melky over. He should provide some good D, but will he hit-and more importantly, will he hit for any power? Farnsworth improves an already deep bullpen, if only Braves fans can forget his "meltdown" in the '05 postseason. Blanco? He did a pretty decent job this season in his call-ups, but c'mon- he wasn't going to be any kind of long term answer in center. Oh, one final thing...At least Jesse Chavez is out of town!

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  1. Wha? Someone else is glad Chavez is gone?! I too hope Prado rebounds quickly has he and McCann have been the few bright spots offensively lately (and Heyward).