Thursday, August 5, 2010

Birthday Cards are Best

As much as I enjoy getting birthday cards from my wife and children, what I really like are birthday Cards from my wife & kids (or anyone else, for that matter). Now, my wife doesn't know the first thing about baseball, or cards for that matter, and she couldn't care less. However, she loves me and was kind enough to buy a few from a wantlist for me from Dean's Cards. She hadn't heard of Mathews or Spahn (two of the three Braves on my wantlist), but she had heard of the Hammer, so this is what she picked up for me...

1958 Topps #380

Not one of my favorite Topps designs, but never the less, a great card of the Home Run King!

1961 Topps #484 MVP

I love the '61 MVPs; another classic of the Hammer! Henry won the MVP award only once in his career, that during the Braves' 1957 World Champion season. He finished in the top 10 for MVP voting twelve other times.

1968 Topps #370 Sporting News' All Stars

Bad Henry appeared in the All-Star game 21 consecutive seasons, 3 less than the record of 24 held by Stan Musial & Willie Mays.

I'm sure my bride will never read this blog, but another thanks to her for the addition to my collection!

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