Thursday, August 12, 2010

Things Ain't Chipper in Braves Nation

There's not really much to say concerning Chipper Jones' season ending injury. I really hope that it's not a career ending injury, but I am by nature a pessimist/realist, and I look at a guy his age and with that damage and my default mode is: sorry to see your career end just as it had begun-with a torn ACL. If we have seen the last of Chipper Jones as a baseball player, then all I can say is: thank you for contributing so much to the team, to the fans, to Major League Baseball, and to the city of Atlanta. Living in the northwest, I've only been able to attend two Braves games, both in Atlanta in September of 1993. The first game I attended was on September 14, in which Chipper had his first major league at bat- an infield single. And just as I have previously stated that it was a privilage to be there for Ken Griffey Jr's final MLB at bat, so it was to be there that September evening so many years ago. The Braves will surely miss Chipper's bat and leadership during this stretch run. The bat was coming around the last couple of months, and it's just a shame that what looked like what was going to be a magical season could be so bittersweet.

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