Thursday, September 16, 2010

Card Show Buys #2

While I would like nothing more than to buy some seriously nr-mint/mint grade cards from the 50s and 60s, I am on a budget-and with so many cards on my wantlist, I just can't invest in higher priced stuff. And yet, there's something appealing about a fifty-something year old worn-out piece of cardboard. I guess the rounded corners, creases, pinholes, etc. give it a more "authentic" look. Plus, there's no questioning of it being 'doctored'...
1958 Topps #117 Frank Torre

How would you like to be known as "Joe's Brother"- as I am sure Frank is often referred to as. Frank didn't have alot of at-bats over his career, fewer than 1500 ABs during a seven year career, and only had 13 home runs. However, he did blast two homers against the Yankees during the 1957 World Series.

1958 Topps #223 Andy Pafko

I would prefer to have Pafko's 1952 Topps card- the #1 card in the iconic set- but will have to settle for this '58. Rounded corners, pinhole, and a back with stains and glue, but it has found a home. A very solid major league career was winding down when this card hit the streets-Pafko would call it career after the 1959 season, and went 3 for 9 in the '58 Series against the Yanks-the last of the four World Series he played in during his career.

1959 Topps #315 Joe Adcock, 322 Harry Hanebrink, 499 Johnny O'Brien

Out of all the Topps Heritage sets released, I think the '59 sets counterpart-the 2008 Heritage- is the only one that Topps really bungled. These originals are badly off-centered, and include a crease on O'Brien and the name 'Del' written on the Adcock, but I got 'em on the cheap. I like the little piece of trivia on the back of the Adcock: "Joe once hit 4 homers and a double against the Dodgers in a single game." The total bases from that game would be a MLB record until 2002, when Shawn Green would top it by recording 19 total bases against the (yes) Milwaukee Brewers.

1960 Topps #534 Ken MacKenzie

1962 Topps #130 Frank Bolling
Picking up a '62 got me excited for next years Heritage set, which dayf the Cardboard Junkie whetted our appetite for by posting this recently. This is only the second or third '62 card I have, so I'll have to start picking them up in anticipation of the '11 Heritage.

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