Friday, October 15, 2010

2010 Topps Chrome Baseball Value Pack

During a recent trip to Target, I was surprised to find not one, nor two, but three different choices of 2010 Topps Chrome Baseball. There were the normal 4-card packs, the Blaster Boxes, and the $8.99 "Value Pack". Wanting more than the single pack, but not having the money to spend on the blaster, I chose the "Value Pack"- which had three 4-card packs, as well as a special 3-card orange refractor pack. Didn't get a Heyward card, but it was fun to open...

Pack #1
#47 Rich Harden
#152 Nick Markakis

#104 Todd Helton

#79 Jair Jurrjens- Could Jair be on the block, perhaps for a power bat in the outfield? Hopefully he can bounce back from an injury filled and very inconsistant season. I wouldn't mind seeing him traded for Colby Rasmus, though. It's a rumor on the 'net which isn't going to die very soon.

Pack #2
#214 Ivan Nova-RC

Life is just a fantasy-well, at least if your name is Derek Jeter.

#200 Jenrry Mejia-RC

Mets Rookie has only been playing baseball for 6 years- and made his mlb debut this year as a twenty-one year old.

#138 Carlos Zambrano
#119 Ryan Zimmerman

Pack #3
#101 Carlos Pena

Will Rays' fan(s) really miss his .196 BA, .325 OBP, and .407 SLG??? At 32, and appearing to be declining fast, I'm gonna say that even Scott Boras won't be able to perform his magic this off season for Pena.

#67 Josh Beckett- Xfractor
Wow- another highly paid, underperforming player (though injured) from this year's AL East. At least it is an Xfractor.

#99 Chris Carpenter
#5 Johnny Cueto
Would've perferred a former Cincinnati Red who wore the #5

Pack #4-Special Orange Refractors

#125 Jon Lester- a great lefty who only gets better each year. This card is centered, although the scan doesn't show it.

#93 Carlos Gonzalez- Perhaps the best player in MLB today. Absolute stud!

#91 Wandy Rodriguez- after his breakthrough '09 season, Wandy wasn't quite as effective this year.

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