Saturday, October 30, 2010

2010 Topps Update Box Break

I'm not one who breaks very many boxes or packs. Every now and then I'll pick up a blaster just to enjoy seeing what I can pull, but I'm usually content with buying or trading for singles on my wantlist. There's only two products that I try to build sets of: Topps base product and the Topps Heritage. So, I was pretty excited to pick up a hobby box of Topps Update recently from my LCS. I had been waiting for it for months, and even ponied up a little more $$ for it just to give a local guy some business.

After breaking the box, however, I am going to think long and hard about purchasing anymore boxes of the base Topps in the future. I still love the cards, and want the sets, but when each pack contains only 10 cards, one of which is a Topps Attax or Toppstown-type of garbage card I say enough is enough. The update set itself is 330 cards (bringing the total set to 990 cards), many of which aren't necessary. But being the baseball junkie I am, I really don't mind a big set like that, so I don't mind the All-Star cards or the "Rookie Debuts". My problem with Topps is that out of a 330 card set, I am still 76 cards short of a set-and that's taking into account that I only had seven doubles. Now, if the Topps Attax were not in each pack (or if they were an eleventh card), I would only be short perhaps 42 cards-which is much more realistic. As it is, I am now stuck with either buying another box (which isn't going to happen), trade for others I need (and remember, I only have 7 doubles), buy the 76 singles (which will still be spendy), buy a hand collated set (most likely scenario), or just give up on it. Anyone else feel the frustration that I'm experiencing?

Here's the breakdown:
Cyan Printing Plate #1/1 Bill Hall

(9) Million Card Giveaways (which I then redeemed for the following cards: '89 Topps All Star Kirby Pucket, 1980 Bob Forsch, 1987 Steve Carlton, 2001 Pedro Martinez, 1982 Charlie Lea, 2004 Toby Hall, 1972 Willie Davis (flipped for a '72 Ralph Garr), 1964 Pete Ward (flipped for a '64 Denis Menke), and a 1982 Dave Frost.

(6) Gold Cards- including Braves Kyle Farnsworth

(6) More Tales of the Game- including Warren Spahn

(9) Turkey Reds

(5) Peak Performance- including an autographed Andrew Cashner

(13) Cards Your Mama Threw Out- including an original back '82 Rickey Henderson

(1) SP Variation of Reggie Jackson

(4) Legendary Lineage

(9) Vintage Legends- my favorite of the Topps inserts this year.

and the Rookie Chrome Refractor- Rookie pitcher for the Washington Senators....Yes-

Drew Storen


  1. I've started buying hand collated sets for the same reason. I used to buy Jumbo boxes, which usually either got me the 330, or just a card or two short, but they simply aren't a good value for the money. I've already ordered my update set for the year, but I did buy a blaster because I have a few packs. Since you're a Braves fan and all, if I get anything in the blaster on your want list, you're welcome to the cards.

  2. For right now the ebay sets is what I would do. New and old sets. Next season, I might try my hand at a jumbo box per series and see how that experiment goes.

  3. I had bought a jumbo box of Series 2 this year, and was pleased with it. I did get a complete set, and with the inserts I was looking for, I thought it was worth the money. But, I think you guys are right- eBay is the way to go for hand collated sets.

  4. I've still got to hand collate my 2nd box of this, but once I do I'll see if I can't help you out with some of those base cards. I'm 99.9% sure I got all 330 cards out of two hobby boxes...

  5. If you guys have any doubles you don't need, it would be very helpful-thanks guys! Anyone putting any of the insert sets together? If you're looking for any of those, let me know- all I have (except the Vintage Legends) are available for trade.