Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Cards I'm Thankful For, Pt. 3

Card #3
1987 Topps #170 Bo Jackson

1987- the year that I graduated from high school. I was a horny seventeen year old kid with a car and a guitar, and I had lost interest in baseball cards by then (although I was still a sports nut). That doesn't take away from the coolness of this throwback type of athlete, appearing on the card that is reminiscent of the 1962 Topps. Vincent Edward Jackson was arguably the most exciting .250 hitter in the history of the game, and if you are ever going to do a "what if..." list, you know Bo has got to be high on it! By the way, Bo should have landed at number nine on my list- it was an oversight.

Card #2

1961 Topps #484 Hank Aaron

My wife bought this '61 Aaron card for my birthday this year. I'm not old enough to have had the pleasure of watching Aaron play in his prime, but the Braves great still ranks up high on my list of favorite athletes. Topps commemorated Aaron's MVP award from 1957 on this card. 1957 also happened to be the year the Braves won their only World Series (upsetting the Yankees!) while in Milwaukee. Thankfully, Topps included some of the Hammer's shoulders on this card- preventing it from being one of those goofy "floating head" shots they used at various times throughout the years. I really like the colors in the MVP subset- for some reason card companies (and advertisers) can not duplicate the beauty of colors from the past.

Card #1

1996 Topps World Series Champions #177 Chipper Jones

Could the top card be anything other than this one? Topps produced a special Braves team set commemorating their 1995 World Championship and it was distributed at Wal-Mart. I must have picked this up at a card show (?) because I don't have the rest of the team set. Add the Topps All-Star Rookie Cup logo to it, and you have a winner! Oh yeah-it doesn't hurt that this is my favorite Brave player.

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