Saturday, December 18, 2010

December Card Show Purchases 1

I've got to hand it to our LCS owner: he has great timing for scheduling his shows. Many people might look at a December 18th date as being too close to Christmas for a card show, opting to spend their money on gifts. I viewed it as good timing because I received my end of year bonus yesterday and set aside some cash from it to spend at the show. When I woke up this morning, though, I had doubts as to whether or not I would make it- we received snow overnight, and the tv weather guys said the roads were very slick. Being the card junkie that I am, I decided to brave the roads (which weren't bad at all by the time I left) and the 25+ mile trek and came across some good deals that were too good to pass up...

2003 Topps Certified Autograph #TA-WS Warren Spahn

I had never seen any of these '03s, and have been wanting an autograph of Spahn. I would have prefered an autographed ball, but for $25 I was more than willing to settle on this card. I like the fact that the signature is on card; however, I would be lying if I didn't admit to being a little nervous in buying this. Look at how well the signature is written for a man in his eighties-usually the handwriting of someone that age is shaky, and this doesn't seem to be the case here. I am going to take Topps at their word that this is authentic. One unique thing about the year of this card: Spahn died at the end of 2003, only a few months after this would have been on the market.

1954 Topps #30 Ed Mathews

The guy I bought the Mathews from was busting up some of his sets and so not only did I get this card from him, but many '55 and '56s as well. The top has the two pin holes in them, but I didn't let that prevent me from picking up this third year Mathews for a very small percentage of book value.

1970 Topps#64 A.L. RBI Leaders

I love anything that has to do with season highlights or league leaders, and this one features three great sluggers. Reggie's rookie card was in the '69 set, and for $2 I get one from the second set to feature him. And Killebrew... you've gotta love "Killer"-one of the local boys to make it to the big-time!

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  1. Great pick ups. I wish I could find a card show that is only 25 miles from my house.