Wednesday, December 15, 2010


I see where Topps has released product information for their 2011 Gypsy Queen baseball set.

My initial reaction was, "Not another retro set!" While I still enjoy the Heritage Line, and I have grown to like the mini Allen & Ginters, I can't help but ask: do we really need another retro set? Not to mention one that is reminiscent of their A & G and T-206 sets.

The new card market has grown to be about as stale as that piece of gum found in a 1980 wax pack-and I find that very disheartening, because I only re-entered The Hobby a year ago. Despite only going through the cycle of releases once, I have come to the point where I am weary of newer product. It seems that each new release is a regurgitation, with the same old gimmicks: relics (which all look the same), short-print variations with HOF'ers and current stars, and the parallels. I've got one word for you Topps: Superfluous.

If Topps insists on putting out these products, why not include just one of the 'hits'/inserts in each product: Topps base with the SP variations, Heritage with the Chrome parallels, Allen & Ginter with Relics (or something like that). Or how about this: for the Heritage line, go back to having a high number series that has a smaller print run and bag the short-prints that make up part of the set. Let's make it so where someone on a budget can actually hand-collate a set themselves.
Instead of anxiously awaiting this product, I think I'll just enjoy some vintage cardboard and some vintage rock, as I listen to April Wine sing about a Gypsy Queen.

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