Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Million Card Giveaway, Pt. 1

Yes, I received some cards today from the Topps Million Card Giveaway. And I've got to tell you, I'm glad that I spent some $13 for shipping fees on a package that was postmarked at two dollars and some change. Anyway, I received twenty of the twenty one cards I had requested-the one I didn't get was a 1979 Jeff Burroughs. In its place I received a 1977 Rick Rhoden card. Thankfully they've included a phone number for the inventory coordinator; he will be receiving a phone call from me tomorrow. So, on to the show...

1964 Topps #53 Denis Menke
And a beat up one, at that. Centering issues, rounded corners, creases-the whole 10 yards. About the only thing missing on this one is some writing on it. Doesn't matter- I've got worse cards than this in my collection.

1970 Topps #86 Lum Harris

Nothing too exciting here. The man did lead them to the 1969 N.L. West title, however.

1971 Topps #374 Clete Boyer

This card was by far the most sought after of the cards in my online collection. It seems like I was getting daily requests for ol' Clete. It's too bad he didn't play football- Clete would have been a great name for a football player. This would be the final season of his major league career.

1972 Topps #260 Ralph Garr, #484 Lum Harris, #591 Paul Casanova

A trio from what has to be the ugliest set Topps has ever produced. Ralphie was a pretty popular card on yo mama's site- the second most requested card I had. I hear that all Ralphie wanted for Christmas while growing up was a Louisville Slugger Model U1 - his mother was afraid he'd break a window playin' ball. She conceded, and all Ralphie did was collect 219 hits while hitting .343 in 1971-his first full major league season. Well, not really- but he was a terrific hitter!

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