Thursday, February 3, 2011

Finis!!! The Joys of a Completed 1978 Topps Set

Yesterday I received yet another package from Dean's Cards, and with it I can close the books (well, the checklist) on the 1978 Topps set I was putting together. It came down to the final four, with the winner! Now I can officially begin either a '77, '79, or '80 set.

#480 Ron LeFlore
A great all-around player for the Tigers, LeFlore exploded in 1977
- hitting .325 (with an .838 OPS) with 100 runs, 212 Hits, 30 doubles, 10 triples, 16 homers, 57 RBI and 39 stolen bases. His story is one that many people may not be familiar with,
but the overview on this link is definitely worth a read.

#505 Felix Millan
A former second baseman for the Braves, Millan
had been traded to New York after the '72 season. For the next four seasons, Felix was the starter at second for the Mets before appearing in only 91 games in 1977. That season was the last in the Majors for Felix.

#557 Tony Solaita
This is a name that I wasn't familiar with, but according to the back of the card, Tony became the first player to hit 3 home runs in a game at Anaheim Stadium. He was also the first MLBer to come from Ameri
can Samoa-where he was shot and killed on February 10, 1990.

#562 Glenn Burke
Yet another interesting story, Burke had the distinction of being the first openly gay major leaguer-being outed to team mates and club officals while he was still an active player. During his four year big-league career, Burke was also credited as the guy who started the "high five", as he and Dusty Baker celebrated each others' home runs. After his career was over, Burke struggled with drug addiction, homelessness, arrests and jail time served, and eventually death from AIDS complications in 1995.

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  1. Congrats on finishing this awesome set!!! I closed the book on mine last year... My last card was the Murray rookie which I got as a surprise from the My Past Time I Love It! blog... Its funny though because the Ron Leflore was one of the major upgrades I needed. I pulled that card as a kid, but it was autographed and didn't really fit in with the set... I think you should start on 1979 so you can help me get back on track with that set... Congrats! It feels GREAT to finish a set, especially that one...