Thursday, April 7, 2011

2011 Topps Wrapper Redemptions

While I didn't care much for this years Topps' Diamond Anniversary parallel cards, I did take a liking to the Black Diamond wrapper redemptions modeled after the '52 Topps. Part of a 2011 Topps 1 offer, in which collectors received a pack of five cards for sending in either 36 hobby wrappers or 10 HTA Jumbo wrappers, these cards are set apart from the typical Topps retro designed cards by their 'black diamond' technology. The basic redemption set consists of (what else?) 60 cards to commemorate their sixtieth anniversary, along with 34 randomly inserted on-card autographs featuring players from the original '52 set.It didn't cost much to pick up the four current Braves who are included in the set, but two of the short-printed autographed cards of former Braves Del Crandall and John Antonelli (each numbered to yes, 60) recently sold on eBay for $55 and $76, respectively. So, I guess I won't be adding those to the collection. It's no wonder that the auto's are extremely popular: those who signed are getting up there in age and may not sign for too many more years, they are on-card and are attractive in the blue ink, and the 60 motif doesn't hurt either.

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