Monday, April 4, 2011

Trade with Crinkly Wrappers

I recently contacted Ted over at Crinkly Wrappers about his 2011 Heritage wantlist, and we were able to strike a deal that benefited each of us. Today when I got home, there was a package for me with about 56 of the 2011s that I need for my set- and so I want to say thanks to Ted for the trade. I don't open much wax, but look forward to trading with him in the future!

Some highlights from the cards I received:

#462 Magglio Ordonez (SP)
I had forgot just how good of a hitter Mags has been over the years. According to the back of the card, he has hit over .300 11x during his career, led the American League with a .363 mark during the 2007 season, and is a career .312 hitter.

#494 Rookie Parade-Pitchers: Barry Enright, Mike Minor, Travis Wood, Alex Sanabia, Drew Storen (SP)
I'm a fan of Mike Minor, the Braves lefty prospect who will be making his '11 debut Wednesday against the Brewers. Originally losing the 5th starter battle during spring training to Brandon Beachy, Minor was recalled this past weekend when Jair Jurrjens was sent to the DL with a strained right oblique. Minor will be facing a predominately right-handed hitting lineup, so he might have a rough go of it. I was really surprised that he didn't get the 5th spot, just due to the fact that he would have been the only lefty in the

Baseball Flashbacks #BF-4 Robin Roberts, #BF-9 Frank Robinson
Two former Orioles, two Hall of Famers. This insert set is one of the highlights of each year's Heritage-in my opinion.

New Age Performers #NAP-9 David Price, #NAP-14 Felix Hernandez
Kind of appropriate: these two finished 1/2 in the 2010 AL Cy Young voting. King Felix is my pick for this year's CY Young-who's yours?

Then and Now- #TN-6 Robin Roberts/Felix Hernandez
By looking at the back of this card, it doesn't make sense to have Roberts on the front: The ERA leaders for 1962 & 2010 are listed: Felix being no.1 in '10, but Roberts was no.3 in '62- Hank Aguirre of Detroit led the majors in ERA that year at 2.21. Then again, who is Hank Aguirre?!


  1. If you still need them, let me know. I have just two 2011 Heritage from your list: #134 and #269.

    Thank you.

  2. Yes, I could use them-are you in need of any? I'll send an email to you. Thanks!

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