Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Sweet Shots- Ryan Roberts

2011 Topps Update #US237 Ryan Roberts
One of the advantages collectors have had during the past thirty years has been the use of action shots (with regularity) by the card manufacturers. No longer does our collection consist of just portraits and posed shots. Sure, there were some actions photos prior to that-but they were few and far between; for the most part the cardboard back then was pretty plain (which, in my opinion, isn't necessarily a bad thing). Looking back at those vintage cards, you won't find anything like this card, and I certainly can't recall many action shots on more recent cards that are better than this one of Ryan Roberts. In it, the D-Backs third sacker looks as if he is about ready to plant his face into the railing, which makes the viewer want to brace himself for the whiplash Roberts would have to endure. A look at Ryan's glove reveals what appears to be the ball seen through the webbing-there's no doubt that he grabbed this one! The picture also captures the awesome facial expression and body language of the fan who probably wet himself during this play-how would you like to be captured on this one? A quick search on Google, and I found that this play took place during the April 26th game in Phoenix against the Phillies. With the bases loaded and two outs in the top of the third, Daniel Hudson got Raul Ibanez to foul out to Roberts as the Diamondbacks righty escaped the inning with only one run being scored. And like so often happens after a great defensive play, Roberts came to bat in the bottom of that inning and plated a run, giving the D-Backs a 5-2 lead.

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