Monday, October 3, 2011

Who Said Derek Lowe is a Bum?

Derek Lowe- in happier times

Perhaps the least popular member of the Atlanta Braves today is Derek Lowe. Well, manager Fredi Gonzalez is a very close second, but he's the manager-and is apparently not to blame (still being employed, and all). After the colossal collapse that occurred over the course of the final month of the season, Lowe seems to have become the whipping boy for many Braves fans. He is, after all, the $15 million dollar man. Problem is, while he did eat almost two-hundred innings, he only turned in thirteen quality starts (many of which came in the first three months of the season) and completely tanked during the final stretch run. To add insult to injury, the dude is still owed $15 million next year-which should make him the highest paid relief pitcher in the majors, save Mariano Rivera (no pun intended). GM Frank Wren has pretty much all but guaranteed a change concerning Lowe. Let's hope that they can find someone to take him off of their hands.

I guess Lowe should be thankful that Fredi ran him out there to make his final start of the season-it may have sealed the Braves fate, but least Lowe became the first pitcher in baseball history to at one point in his career lead the league in Wins, Losses, and Saves. That's gotta be worth something-right?

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