Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Palmer & Jones: Junk, Hair, and the Cy Young Award

1977 Topps #5

This card features two pitchers who, despite being the Cy Young Award winners while leading their respective leagues in wins during the 1976 season, are perhaps best known for something other than their on the field performance.

Palmer, whose career was a model of consistency, was known for pitching Jockey underware. Unlike Palmer, Jones' junk was on display out on the field-not a poster. Ask most collectors what they remember about Jones, however, and you will probably hear a reference to his 'fro. While we only get a sneak peak of it here, Jones' regular card in the '77 set shows it in its full glory. Palmer, on the other hand, looks every bit the "pretty boy" with his feathered hair. Palmer would later pitch Brylcream. Figures.

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