Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Cards

In what I'm hoping will be an annual tradition (2 years running now), my beloved wife surprised me with a couple of vintage Topps cards. The good folks at supplied the goods, once again.

1959 Topps #212 Fence Busters /Aaron-Mathews


"I didn't remember Aaron at first, and there was no reason I should have. Regulars don't pay much attention to rookies, and he wasn't even on our roster." ~ Eddie Mathews on rookie Henry Aaron during Spring Training 1954.

1962 Topps #588 Birdie Tebbetts George Robert Tebbetts- nicknamed "Birdie" due to his high-pitched voice and being very talkative. A catcher during his major league playing career, Tebbetts was an exceptional defender, being named to the All-Star team four times.


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  2. Love the Fence Busters. Interesting how Topps included the Wrigley Field scoreboard and a bit of the bleachers. BTW Birdie was on a nice multi-player card himself:

  3. It is kind of a subtle part of the card- the big yellow sun/circle (whatever it's supposed to be!) detracts some of the focus from the bleachers & scoreboard. Thanks for the link- I love those '58s. Always thought the Reds' sleeveless uni's were very classy.