Sunday, January 8, 2012

Custom Cards: 1992 Upper Deck Craig Kimbrel

  While it's not considered one of the top sets of the past thirty years, the 1992 Upper Deck set still holds a special place in my collection. Why it does, I can't say for sure; perhaps it's because I re-entered the hobby during the 1991 baseball season, so the excitement of the Braves' worst-to-first finish carried over into the '92 release calendar. The clean design that the company was known for, as well as solid player selection, could also be a factor. Another draw, albeit a later release, was the company's '92 Minor League set that paralleled the major league set. It's certainly not because of scarcity.

  Now that the calendar has turned to 2012, and spring training begins in a few weeks, I want to begin doing some custom cards that flash back to 1992. Batting First....

1992 Upper Deck Craig Kimbrel

This photo would have felt right at home in the '92 set. Who doesn't remember the awesome card of Ken Griffey Jr. from this set? It featured the Kid's sweet swing in multiple-exposure. Of course, there was also the "Prime Time's Two" insert card of Deion Sanders-which featured the two-sport star in both uniforms, once again using multiple-exposure photography.


  1. I'd buy that in a heartbeat! Both 92 and 93 UD sets were awesome in my book.

  2. Thanks! I really like the '89-93 UD sets. And while I thought the 1994 design wasn't too bad, it just didn't seem the same after '93.