Tuesday, January 10, 2012

What Was Missing from the 2011 Braves Team?

"Eddie did not start many fights, but finished several."- Donald Davidson, Braves publicity director.

What the Braves of 2011 needed was an Eddie Mathews, who provided a spark for the 1957 team. The Braves had found themselves falling to forth place by the second week in June, playing with no real consistency. Did Mathews provide the spark with his bat? With his glove? No-he provided it with his fists, as he beat the hell out of Don Drysdale after "Big D" drilled Johnny Logan with a fastball on June 13. The brawl ignited the Braves, who scrapped it out for the next two months: first place, third place, tied for 1st, second place. So it went, until at one point they took 24 out of 29- never relinquishing first place (despite an early September swoon).

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