Wednesday, February 8, 2012

She's the Woman-but Chip's The Man

'She's the Woman!'~ Van Halen

'when was the last time you did something for the first time?'-  Van Halen's "The Trouble with Never"

  So, I must the last few weeks I have been really skeptical in regards to the latest Van Halen release. Age, the last few releases by the band (which by the way, came YEARS ago!), and the first single from the album brought about this cynicism. But now that I have listened to it, oh probably five or six times in the last 36 hours I've got to admit that the boys came to play! While Diamond Dave still can't sing much, the band sounds tight and is playing with more energy than they have since about '84. As I have been reading reviews and readers' comments, I have found a surprising number of people who are upset that the band has used a number of old tunes that date back to their club days. This isn't anything new with the band (as well as other bands who do the same thing), and to be honest-I don't really care if much of the material is 36 years old. I'm really digging it! Eddie can still shred, Alex is still a fabulous drummer, and Wolfie ain't bad for a 20 year old. He even fills in some background vocals-not as well as Michael Anthony, but hey, the kid's not bad.

2010 Topps MLB Braves #ATL1
  I guess the aforementioned complaints are much like those many of us collectors like to pitch. Case in point: Topps. It doesn't matter if it's the base set, insert sets, or Heritage- the cards often look so familiar (because they are). Yes, Topps goes to the well time and time again- just like musicians and just like car companies. But we cry that we've been cheated, or curse them and swear off buying any new product. I'm sure we have all done it- I know I have. For now, tho, I think I'll  just enjoy some thirty-five/thirty-six year old tunes that I've waited twenty-eight years to hear. Oh, and enjoy this 2010 Topps MLB Braves team set Chipper that arrived today. After all, as Diamond Dave so eloquently puts it on the new album, "selective amnesia is only a heartbeat away."

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