Tuesday, March 20, 2012

1977 Holiday Inn Baseball Discs

  Holiday Inn, the Atlanta-based company, partnered with Major League Baseball in 2006 to become the "Official Hotel of Major League Baseball"-a partnership that continues today. It seemed to be a perfect match, as their research indicated that a "large number of baseball fans are also loyal Holiday Inn guests." In addition to the partnership, they also entered into sponsorship agreements with five MLB teams:  Atlanta, Chicago (A.L), Cincinnati, Los Angeles, and Minnesota.

  The following year, the company offered a free pack of baseball cards to Priority Club Rewards Members who stayed in the hotel between May 31st and July 31st. Each pack contained a Cal Ripken, Jr. card that featured a promotional code, which the recipient could then enter online and play the Instant Win game for a chance to win Ripken autographs, free hotel stays, and other Upper Deck signed memorabilia. They could also register for the Grand Prize Sweepstakes, with the winner getting 2 tickets to the 2007 World Series, round trip airfare, hotel accommodations, and incidentals.

  Prior to the Upper Deck-distributed Ripken Jr. Holiday Inn cards, the hotel chain distributed a disc set in 1977 that measured 3 3/8" in diameter and were given away with the purchase of a children's dinner at over 70 participating Holiday Inns in the Midwest. You won't find any team logos on these discs, though, as they were only licensed by the Major League Players Association through Mike Schechter Associates. Looking more like a Christmas tree ornament or a coaster for drinks, these are an interesting odd-ball issue for a collection. Like the other MSA discs of the era, the set contained 70 discs.


  1. Great looking set... the Mark Fidrych is high on my wantlist.

    1. Yes & No... I'm not a super collector by any means. But I'm trying to complete his trifecta. I already have an autograph and jersey... and I'd have no problems substituting his rookie card with an oddball issue from his rookie year.