Friday, March 23, 2012

Food-Issue Friday: Custom Gates Brown Hot Dog

Oh Lord, I cannot believe I am posting about hot dogs- again! In case you missed it before, I would rather starve than eat a dog. The smell- shoot, even the sight of them makes me ill. But I am not one to let something like that stop me from a great story, so I'll just have to deal with it.

  Last year I read Jim Hawkins' biography of Al Kaline, and the author told a story about Gates Brown-the Tiger's pinch hitting extraordinaire who was well known for his appetite. According to former Tiger Jim Northrup, Brown's stomach began growling during a game, so he (Northrup) leaned out of the dugout and asked a fan to buy them a hot dog, which he acquired for the mere pittance of one baseball. However, manager Mayo Smith called upon Brown to pinch hit before the popular player could finish the dog. "'I offered to hold the hot dog for him, but you know Gates,' Northrup said. 'Once he's got his hands on something to eat, he's not going to let go.'"  Quite the conundrum, indeed. Brown, not trusting his team mates, stuffed the dog inside his jersey, stepped to the plate, and then-true to form-came up with a pinch hit single. Once on first base, the pitcher threw to first on a pick-off play, causing Brown to dive headfirst back to the bag. "When Gates stood up, he had a big splotch of mustard, about six inches across, on the front of his uniform," said Northrup.

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