Thursday, March 15, 2012

Opening Day Ideas for Topps

There is a part of me that would like to see Topps scrap the Opening Day product. The base cards really offer nothing more than a recapitulation of the flagship brand, save the few cards that might offer a different photo than the Series 1 (or 2) card. One thing the set does have going for it, in my opinion, are the inserts-especially when compared to the inserts offered in Series 1. These cards are refreshing compared to the 'fools gold' they are bombarding us with in Series 1 this year. Actually, I really liked last years Opening Day inserts better as well.

Now, I know the purpose of the Opening Day series is to have a cheap retail product that is attractive to kids, so they will want to keep the costs down. But since baseball fans view Opening Day as a holiday, if you will, I would like to see Topps, in conjunction with Major League Baseball, do something to make it even more special for collectors, as well as younger, newer fans.
 One thing I would like to see in future O.D. products: a return of relics- featuring actual pieces of gloves, jerseys, bats, pants-whatever- from the previous season's opening day. Make them truly game worn-not the nebulous stuff you are currently offering. How about this: do an insert like the 2011 Presidential First Pitch (which I think is genius!), but with a swatch of the president's clothing he wore during the event (would only apply to present-day Presidents, obviously). You could also have the President throw out a second pitch, and use the leather from the ball as another swatch. Call it-"Cowhide" or something silly like that. Or, how about a team card insert set with a swatch of the red, white, and blue opening day logo-ribbons that would be hanging from the stands. One cool set could be simply entitled, "Fans", and could feature a shot of a fan(s) from the home opener of each team. Can you imagine if you're a kid attending one of theses games, and how excited you would be at the prospect of having your mug on a card? Something else that would be unique: if Topps would buy, say, 25 tickets from each teams home opener and include the unused tickets as a redemption set. Who cares if it's from the nosebleed section? It'd be freakin' cool! Yeah-I know, they had the set the one year with a piece of the ticket within a card-but I'm talking strictly a ticket. Another redemption idea: have each manager fill out a second line-up card for the home opener and offer it to fans. The Mascot cards seem to be a popular one for kids, so how about doing past mascots. I'm not sure how many teams have changed their mascots over the years, but surely there are some? Of course, the Braves' Chief Noc-A-Homa might be considered too politically incorrect.
  Like I said earlier, I do like their current (and past) inserts- but let's see it more about the Opening Day, and not just in name.

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