Friday, April 6, 2012

Cards You're Not Likely to See: Drakes Big Hitters- Nolan Ryan

'My fist your face, that's for sure!"~ Aerosmith's "My Fist Your Face"

Today marked the first meeting between Nolan Ryan and Robin Ventura since their infamous fight nineteen years ago. I would like to have heard what some of his White Sox teammates had to say to him after the game. Probably heard some laughs. What do you suppose the two talked about today during their visit? Probably laughed.

 Robin must have been pretty stupid if he thought he was going to go show the old Texan a thing or two. Nolan handled Ventura like he was one of his cattle.

To commemorate the occasion, I decided to use an odd-ball card manufactured by Topps for Drakes (a Hostess brand snack), which was appropriately named "Big Hitters."

Timing is a funny thing. I got home tonight from our Good Friday service, and sat down to work on my latest custom card. As I was working on it, I checked some of the blogs I follow and noticed Night Owl Cards ran a piece tonight which features the '83 Drakes Big Hitters. Oh, well...

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