Thursday, June 14, 2012

90 Score Tribute: Geddy Lee

  Remember all the hullabaloo back in 1990 with the Score Eric Lindros card? I guess the next time we're tempted to complain about Topps and their 'gimmick' cards, all we need to do is revisit the Lindros card. The then seventeen-year old hockey phenom was given the opportunity to take BP sporting the Blue Jays unis (Lindros was from Ontario). Score saw it as an opportunity to capitalize on the event, which they captured for collectors.

  Anyway, this week saw the release of the latest album from Canadian power trio Rush. When asked what I want for father's day, my answer was "the new Rush CD"-which my wife so lovingly purchased for me. Thanks dear!

  You may or may not know that singer/bassist Geddy Lee is a big baseball fan, who has an impressive collection. Last season, Lee took batting practice with the Angels. I was hoping to use a photo of Geddy during that session-figuring it (Angels) would be fitting since Rush's latest is titled, "Clockwork Angels." Unfortunately, the only photos I could find were in black and white. The photo I chose for the card fits well with the colors on the card; at least I thought it does. The feature on Geddy has him discussing his love for the game and collecting, and begins around 2:53. Enjoy!

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