Friday, June 22, 2012

Food-Issue Friday: Custom 1963 Post Cereal Amado Samuel

  If not for winter, summer would be my least favorite time of year. My work schedule is at its climax during the summer months, resulting in longer hours and far more mental and physical stress. Vacation? Fugetaboutit- no summer vacations for this family; better take them before late June.

 After work? Come home and there's always the time spent mowing, trimming, and irrigating the yard (we flood irrigate, which requires hours each week). It's bad enough having to put up with the heat at times at work, but then to come home and have to endure the high temperatures outdoors- sigh. Is fall almost here? 

 At least baseball is in full stride during these months.

 Sadly, on evenings when I don't have yard work to do, I'm often too burnt out and don't want to think about much of anything-including blogging about baseball and/or cards. 

  So it's on days like these that I need to keep my energy levels up by consuming some nice sugary snacks. Something like Post Cereal...

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