Tuesday, July 24, 2012

2011 Leaf Limited Gear-Phil Niekro

I suppose I'm a little late featuring this card, since the Hall of Fame Induction Day was Sunday. No matter- I still think this is a great card. Relic cards have become a little redundant (okay-more than a little), but I had not seen many of these around at card shows, so I was happy to pick it up for a couple bucks on eBay recently. Just imagine the win totals Phil could have had-if only the Braves weren't so awful for so much of his tenure in Atlanta. 

My favorite Niekro season: 1979
21-20  3.39 ERA, 44 starts, 23 complete games, 342 IP, 311 Hits allowed, 41 Home runs allowed, 113BB. He led the lead in every one of those categories-save ERA- and yet despite the last three categories, he still finished 6th in the Cy Young balloting. 

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