Saturday, July 7, 2012

Bourn to Run

" we were born to run." ~ Bruce Springsteen

  News came out today that Braves centerfielder and lead-off man Michael Bourn was named to the N.L. All-Star team, replacing injured shortstop Ian Desmond. Apparently Arizona Diamondback starter Daniel Hudson didn't think it was quite right that an outfielder would replace an infielder, as per a tweet from earlier today. Never mind that an infielder (Chipper) replaced an outfielder earlier this week, which kind of cancels out his complaints. I understand that he thought teammate Aaron Hill was deserving, but still...

  Congratulations to Michael, who is third in the N.L. in hits, second in runs, fourth in triples, third in stolen bases, fifth in WAR, ninth in runs created, and has played stellar defense in center.

  Now, if only Liberty Media will sign the soon-to-be free-agent to a five-year deal before he hits the open market. #wonthappen

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