Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Chopps Custom Card: Georgia Taters #1 Juan Francisco

  All of us have heard of Georgia peaches, but on today's Braves radio broadcast Jim Powell referenced something new: "Georgia Taters." Coming from Idaho, I've heard "Idaho Potatoes" plenty of times (insert Idaho Potato Bowl joke here), but never "Georgia Taters." So I thought, "what a great idea for a custom 'insert' set."

  If there's one thing Juan Francisco is known for, it's for hitting long home runs. Very long home runs. Okay, I guess he's got somewhat of a reputation for admiring them after they've left his bat. Perhaps that's a custom set for a different day.

  In creating this, I wanted something reminiscent of  Fleer Ultra inserts from the 90s. Hope I was able to capture the essence of their creative designs. 

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