Friday, July 13, 2012

The Least of These

 "My two favorite players were Henry Aaron and Sandy Koufax, but I always seemed to follow hitters more than pitchers. How I loved those old Braves with those beautiful uniforms- Aaron, Eddie Mathews, Wes Covington, Jim Pendleton-that's right, even little known guys like Covington and Pendleton were heroes to me."~ Tom Seaver

  I didn't grow up with the Milwaukee-era Braves, though I do have a certain fondness for them that has been fueled by baseball cards, books, and old magazine articles. And while I never saw Covington nor Pendleton play, I can certainly identify with Tom Terrific's choice of lesser known players as some of his favorites.

 As a boy in the 80s, it was guys like Glenn Hubbard and Rafael Ramirez for me-along with the likes of more well known players like Dale Murphy and  Bob Horner. Once the 90s rolled around, we had the likes of David Justice and the exalted pitching staff. As exciting as those guys were, I still count the double play duo of Mark Lemke and Rafael Belliard as two of my favorites. They were throwbacks to days gone by, when a shortstop or second-baseman could hit .220 but still have a job because of their defensive skills.

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