Sunday, August 5, 2012

Birthday Cards: 2012 Edition

  My wife and I have an understanding that we don't overdo it on the money we spend on one another's birthday. But-that didn't stop me from going way over the limit this year, when I bought her a John Deere steel pedal tractor for her garden. She grew up on a farm, and has an affection for all things John Deere. The toy tractor set me back about 250, but the surprised look on her face as she opened the package was well worth it.

  And so for my birthday this year, my wife decided to return the favor and went a little over budget on me. These are the results...

1959 Topps #450 Ed Mathews
   It's hard to believe saying that someone other than Hank Aaron held a Braves home run record, but at the time of this card, Mathews was the career leader-as per the back of this card.

Speaking of Home Run Leaders...

1961 Topps #43 N.L. Home Run Leaders Banks/Aaron/Mathews/Boyer
  While Banks led the senior circuit in homers for the '60 season, the aforementioned Mathews led the league during the '59 season. 

1963 Topps #275 Ed Mathews
A renowned drinker, I wonder if Ed was a little hung over in this photo. Kinda looks like it. Or just gruff.

1964 Topps #35  Ed Mathews
  Was very pleased with the condition of this card. Another fact off the back: Ed began the 1964 season in 7th place on the all-time home run list. And remember, he was the guy who was supposed to pass Babe Ruth.

1966 Topps #200 Ed Mathews
  Still 7th. Rough card-but one that I've wanted for a long time. It would be his final card in a Braves uniform until the 1967 set. Okay, so the '67 was as a member of the Astros-but it was a photo of him as a Brave. He would once again be shown as a Brave in the '73 set-albeit as the manager.

1964 Topps #300 Hank Aaron
The Hammer! Soft, rounded corners-crease through the middle. Hey, if we were made of money I'd have a nr-mt one.

1965 Topps #170 Hank Aaron
Classic card of the Home Run King! I love this set.

Thanks again to my beautiful bride for making this year a special one!


  1. Those are nice, but the real gift is a wife that understands a man and his cardboard. Happy belated birthday!