Monday, August 13, 2012

Custom Cards: 1992 Triple Play Paul Janish

Just like world of professional baseball, the card industry needs its utility guys. These are the players who won't carry a team, but are essential to its success.   

Triple Play was one such brand. Donruss first issued the low-end set geared for kids during the 1992 baseball season. The checklist contained only 264 cards-quite small for an era when many of the sets contained 700+ cards- and boasted a solid player checklist, with the usual stars, superstars, and commons. Plus, it also featured three subsets: Little Hotshots, Awesome Actions!, and Fun at the Ballpark. While the card fronts featured an unspectacular design and color scheme, the backs were even more boring than the fronts. 

Acquired from the Reds prior to the trade deadline, Paul Janish has been a great pickup for the Braves as he has filled in for injured shortstop Andrelton Simmons. While he won't provide much pop or a very high batting average, Janish will (and has!) provided excellent defense. 

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