Friday, August 3, 2012

Food-Issue Friday: Dunkin' Donuts Bumper Stickers

  Tradition at my place of employment calls for bringing some kind of spread to share on ones birthday. I'm pretty sure we're not alone in doing this- everyone in our cardboard community has probably experienced this office tradition. It might be donuts, it might be muffins. Others shame the rest of us by bringing more healthier things to snack on: fruits, meats and cheese, or whatever else. While today isn't my birthday-that would be Sunday- I did bring something for the vultures my co-workers. I chose muffins and strudels.

  And since it's Friday, it's time once again for another food-issue.  This time, I'm bringing donuts: Dunkin' Donuts Bumper Stickers.

  Dunkin' Donuts issued their first set of Chicago Cubs bumper stickers in 1969-the season in which the team held onto first place for almost the entire season, only to collapse in mid-late September. Following that surprising season, the Massachusetts-based donut and coffee retailer issued a second series. The 1970 issue was far more attractive than the original set and featured the identical six players as the 69 set: Ernie Banks, Glenn Beckert, Randy Hudley, Don Kessinger, Ron Santo, and Billy Williams.

With such a great design, you know I've got to do an Atlanta Brave. And since the colors are reminiscent of those of the 1974 Braves team, who better than the Home Run King: Mr Henry Aaron.

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