Thursday, August 23, 2012

Gettin' Hairy

  Take a look at cards of players from the 80s and early-90s and one of the most noticeable features would have to be that which is usually hidden beneath the cap- hair.

the King of Topless...


Eck's hair may no longer look like this- but you've got to admit...

He still rocks a sweet 'do!

Of course, there's also guys whose hair is more prominent on their...throats-and they don't wear a beard?!

No post about the 80s/90s and hair would be complete without mentioning... Hair Bands!

  Although  I wouldn't necessarily classify them as a 'hair band', Jake E. Lee of the blues-based rockers Badlands (think Bad Company/Led Zeppelin on steroids) rocked some pretty sweet hair-as evidenced on my custom card of the guitar great.

Jake and the boys doing James Taylor's "Fire and Rain"

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